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E3 2010: DJ Hero 2 announced

And a downloadable celebration mix hits the original DJ Hero...

Activision has announced DJ Hero 2 shortly ahead of E3.

This time, you can play using two turntables and it also supports a microphone.

It will also sport new multiplayer modes such as DJ Battles and will also use Guitar Hero 5's Party Play feature, where you can jump in or out mid-song. Not that we ever used it in Guitar Hero 5, mind, but good to know it's there anyway.

DJ Hero 2 will also be sold in a 'Party Bundle' which features two turntables and a microphone but, alas, no price has been announced yet.

To celebrate the announcement, Activision has released a new mix featuring Lady GaGa's 'Just Dance' and Deadmau5's 'Ghosts 'n Stuff', which is available for free from Xbox Live Marketplace.