Hunt the Crackdown 2 orbs in OXM!

Find the orbs hidden in the new issue, enter them here

To quote the game's developer, orbs are the crack in Crackdown. To commemorate hours lost harvesting them, and to celebrate the arrival of even more in Crackdown 2, we've hidden some in the new issue of OXM - find them all and you could win an exclusive one-off Xbox 360 console.

You may have been sent to Pacific City to fight crime, but busting crims (or the newly-added mutant Freaks) takes a back seat whenever you hear that telltale whumm-whumm of a nearby orb that must be hunted down. We're paying tribute to that in our own special way with a unique special gift in the new magazine.

You'll also find five exclusive Crackdown 2 Gamer Pictures on this cover disc that comes with the issue; open up the screenshot gallery (on the right) to see what they look like.

Find the orbs and you could be a winner, Agent.

On page 17, you'll find the details of the competition. We've hidden 10 orbs throughout the mag - in pages, on screenshots, all over the place - and one on this very website. If you find them then you're in with a chance of winning an exclusive Crackdown 2 Xbox 360.

Sadly we can't play the sound to direct you straight to each one, but they shouldn't be too tough to spot. Each one has a unique five-digit code immediately next to it that you'll need to enter below. The competition closes on August 4th; we'll announce the winner here very soon after that.

It's that simple. So time to get to work, Agent!