Jade Raymond studio developing new Splinter Cell

Ubisoft Toronto will be in charge of the next Sam Fisher outing.

Ubisoft Toronto will be heading up the next Splinter Cell game, according to Gamasutra.

The new studio, led by Assassin Creed producer Jade Raymond, will be in charge of the next Sam Fisher outing. It will be their first title.

Alex Parizeau, producer of Splinter Cell: Conviction, will return to the same role for the new Splinter Cell game with Ubisoft Toronto.

"I'm excited," Parizeau said. "We have very high ambitions for the project, and it's a great opportunity, because Splinter Cell has a lot of visibility, and we're really hoping to attract a lot of senior talent and people who have a lot of experience in the industry.

"We want to build the studio around that, a really strong core team, and that [Splinter Cell] is going to provide us with a really good platform to do that. I think we have a really special chance to build something strong from the start."