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Alan Wake release date moved... forward?

Apparently this isn't an April Fools

Cue up the Twilight Zone music: Microsoft has announced that Alan Wake is going to release earlier than planned.

In a surprise twist that would be considered excessive even in one of the man's own novels, it's now going to come out on the 14th of May, not the 21st as originally planned. This is after it has been delayed for five straight years since it was announced at E3 2005 - although to give developer Remedy some credit, it never actually put a date on it until this year.

The press release doesn't say if it's an in-joke or marketing decision, but we're kind of hoping for the former. We are looking forward to it, though - having finally played the thing on a recent trip to Remedy and again at X10, we can confirm it's a thoroughly spooky creation.