Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

When over two years old your game is, look as good it will not.

Special Editions are a funny breed. They divide fans right down the middle: some love to see old classics given a new lick of paint, whereas others believe that once it's done it's done and shouldn't be tampered with again. The best example of this was George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy, whose Special Editions featured such memorable moments of mania as Greedo shooting first and a CGI Jabba The Hut acting a bit rubbish.
So it's a bit ironic that arguably the best games based on Star Wars - the LEGO Star Wars titles - have been given a Special Edition of their own, with both games merged to create the definitive LEGO Star Wars experience. So does The Complete Saga have the Force with it always, or are this old man's powers getting a bit weak?


One thing's for sure: the game remains hugely enjoyable to play. Whether you're playing through the new trilogy and constantly hacking Jar Jar Binks to bits (you get an Achievement for that this time around) or going back to the good old days and wrapping cables round the legs of AT-ATs, you'll always have a big grin on your face. If you somehow missed out on these games the first time around (or even just one of them), The Complete Saga is a pretty essential purchase. The real test is whether it's worth getting if you already have the original LEGO Star Wars on the Xbox and The Original Trilogy on 360.

Put simply, no. Yes, it's nice to see the first game all HDed up and shiny-looking, but it's not different enough to warrant a double-dip. Don't get us wrong, there are a few nice additions, such as a couple of brand new levels (our particular favourite being the Episode II stage where you chase Zam Wesell through the skies of Coruscant), but that's simply not enough to justify £39.99 in our books.

If you're new to the LEGO Star Wars series or somehow missed out on the games when they were first released then by all means get stuck into The Complete Saga because it's without a doubt the best way to experience the games. But if you've already played through it all before then it's really not different enough, and it might be best to LEGO of this one (ahem).

The verdict

If you don't already have the previous games, then this is essential

  • It's still great fun
  • New levels are good
  • Indiana Jones is in it!
  • Online co-op mode
  • Just not different enough
Xbox 360
Traveller's Tales
Platform, Action