Black creator's new shooter, Bodycount, revealed in OXM

New shooter from creators of Black revealed next week

The new shooter from the creators of Black, Bodycount, is exclusively revealed on the cover of the new issue of OXM - going out to subscribers now.

The game is being developed at Codemasters Guildford by a team headed by Stuart Black, who worked on the cult FPS that shares his name when at Criterion.

Several other key members of the Black team have joined him at Codemasters to work on Bodycount, which is a spectacular and frankly mental first-person shooter.

We can't say any more about it, save to say that if you like shooting guns in games you are going to really, really love it. Find out more in the issue itself: the mag's going out to subscribers today, and will be in newsagents on Thursday 11th March. Look out for the fancy cardboard wallet with the big hole in, our testament to the game's ridiculous levels of destruction.


The name's actually neon, not orange, but we can't get the picture to show it properly. We've also got the exclusive first play of F1 2010 in the issue, along with the latest on Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, and Crysis 2. Plus, there are some excellent Fallout: New Vegas Gamer Pictures on the disc. Why not subscribe?