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Alan Wake ending will be cliffhanger

"We need to open doors for a larger story beyond this one."

Remedy, the Alan Wake developers, has told CVG that the Alan Wake ending "will be a cliffhanger".

Sam Lake, Alan Wake writer, explains that the team 'need to open doors' for a larger story.

"We really feel there needs to be a satisfying conclusion [to the first game]. But at the same time, it needs to end in kind of a cliffhanger - and we need to open doors for a larger story beyond this one.

"I think a good cliffhanger is always your friend - it keeps the tension high. That episodic structure of Alan Wake means you can always end the episode a couple of minutes or a few seconds before things are resolved [to make people want more]."

Sounds like a pretty heavy nod towards a sequel. We'll see soon enough if Remedy can balance a satisfying ending with something that 'leaves the door open'.