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Resident Evil 5 - Lost In Nightmares DLC

Chris and Jill team up to face an old enemy...

"Is that the old mansion?" Well yes, it is. Sort of. It's not really. We think? It kind of is. Look, just shut up and play the game.

Lost In Nightmares is everything that's good and bad about Resident Evil 5 wrapped up in a DLC episode that just about scrapes past the hour mark. It's knowingly nostalgic, it's hopeless at telling a story, it swings between well-executed and why-did-they-do-that moments with wild abandon.

Those who have played Resident Evil 5 will know that Jill's flashbacks show her and Chris tackling Wesker in his mansion. Lost In Nightmares fleshes out those flashbacks, showing the duo entering Wesker's mansion and it's there that the confusion kicks in. Is it the original mansion? No because that was blown up. So why is this mansion the same? Maybe Wesker built it as tribute to the original. Who knows? Make up your own story.


Point is, you're thrown straight into a facsimilie of the original mansion - ceiling traps and all - and then you go about your job of tracking down Wesker. Now it's not really a twist but there is a cool gameplay mechanic that slowly emerges as you play on. Everything is a bit too quiet. Saying more would ruin it but once the episode shifts from topside to the grime, Silent Hill-esque dungeons below, the pace kicks up a notch and the panic soon sets in.

There are Resi fans who have argued that Resident Evil 5 favours action over horror and while this doesn't completely address those claims, it does seem to be some sort of acknowledgement by Capcom that they've heard the moaning. As such, it makes for a refreshing twist on the Resident Evil 5 gameplay. Crank it up to Veteran and play it on co-op first time through to make the most of it.

The DLC also bags you Excella and Barry Burton for Mercenaries Reunion. Annoyingly separate from the main Mercenaries mode (presumably because that's an unlockable extra in the main game), they're also surrounded by greyed out characters. The old Mercenaries mode taught us extra characters can be unlocked. Lost In Nightmares wants you to shell out for the Costume Pack DLC to play as them. Bah.

Still, Excella and Barry Burton are nice extras. Excella has a grenade launcher, heel kicks and a death slap move while Barry Burton packs a magnum plus a move called 'Barry Sandwich'. Brilliant. All in all, a decent package for Resident Evil 5 fans, especially those who have a partner to tackle Lost In Nightmares with.

The verdict

Nice twist for Resi fans after more

  • Interesting twist
  • Nostalgic touches
  • Barry and Excella are fun
  • Very short
  • Extra characters are DLC
Xbox 360
Survival Horror, Action