Wrong Resident Evil 5 DLC uploaded

Capcom apologises for the costume confusion over yesterday's error.

Capcom has apologised to Resident Evil 5 fans for accidentally uploading the wrong DLC to Marketplace yesterday.

Instead of the 'Heavy Metal' and 'Business' costumes in Costume Pack 1, as has been advertised, it contains the 'Warrior' and 'Fairy Tale' outfits instead. And those outfits were intended for Costume Pack 2. Oh dear.

Capcom has said that it is "currently working with Microsoft for a solution" but short of a leaderboard reset, we're not entirely sure how they'll solve the problem. And despite the error, most players aren't complaining as they haven't been shortchanged - they just don't have the right costumes.

Still, you know what to expect for your 160 Microsoft Points. Come back soon for a review of the full 400 Microsoft Points Lost In Nightmares DLC. The quick version is we loved it, the longer version... well, come back later and see.