Fallout: New Vegas developer not dictated by fans

Vocal minority had no influence on decision to hire Obsidian

In OXM's new podcast, Bethesda's Pete Hines explains that the fans that railed against Fallout 3's release had no effect on the decision to hire the Fallout veterans at Obsidian.

Hardcore Fallout fans are notoriously protective of their favourite series, and many of them made it very clear that they were dissatisfied with Bethesda's critically acclaimed and enormously popular take on the universe.

In spite of this, Bethesda VP of Marketing, Pete Hines was quick to deny that pleasing these furious fans was anything to do with Obsidian's hiring, even though key members of the development team worked on previous Fallout titles and a cancelled version of Fallout 3, codenamed Van Buren.

"We don't do major development deals and projects to appease any one fanbase," Pete Hines explained. "That's a really good way to go out of business fast."

Still, Hines recognises that Obsidian is a great fit for the project.

"I don't think I've talked to anybody about this, whether it's people at other publishers, developers, journalists, whatever, who haven't said it makes sense."

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