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Borderlands - Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

When there's no more room in hell, the Ned will rise!

"An overwhelming situation with the living-impaired", that's a fair and particularly dry assessment of the situation in the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Borderlands does two things really well, acerbic humour and all-out carnage. This DLC strikes a rich vein of both.

The new campaign takes place in a hefty new environment called Jakobs' Cove. It's home to the Jakobs Corporation, manufacturer of some of the best guns in the original game, but now little more than a zombie-infested wasteland. It looks like Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, dense with detail and decorated with spooky trees and Jack-O-Lanterns. Upon closer inspection, it's actually a re-working of the original game's Oldhaven map, but the new cosmetic touches make it look very different.


Jakob's Cove can be reached at any point in the original campaign, simply by visiting one of the fast travel nodes. It's worth noting though, that the difficulty of the DLC scales according to how far you have progressed in the main storyline, not according to your character's level. If you've levelled up from lots of side missions, but not got far into the story, this DLC will prove quite easy.

The DLC's new enemies are mostly slow-moving zombies, but you have to shoot them in the head to inflict any significant damage. There's also a bile-spitting enemy called the defiler, which slows you down long enough for the other zombies to swarm you. Sound familiar?

Dr. Ned is a poorly-disguised Dr. Zed wearing a false moustache, although the narrator goes to comical lengths to tell us otherwise. He has some very funny, well-written lines, being totally unapologetic about keeping the Jakobs' workers alive with zombie-juice.

The campaign's one sore point has to do with the "brainssss" quest. You can have hundreds of brains in your inventory, but they don't count for anything until you've triggered the quest, and then the counter resets, putting you back to square one.

Aside from that, The Zombie Island of Dr Ned is an extremely satisfying and often hilarious campaign. It's also substantial, tallying up at about 5-8 hours completion time depending on the scaleable difficulty. High level players will find it a little easy. We recommend battling the undead long before you've maxed out your stats, otherwise the dead might be back in their graves quicker than you'd imagined.

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