Bayonetta vs Darksiders

Which one should you get? We explain why each game is awesome...

With Bayonetta and Darksiders: Wrath of War , some gamers face a tough choice in which game they should go for.

We have our Bayonetta review and Darksiders: Wrath of War review for comparison. But we've made it even easier for you. Listed below are the three best points of each game so you can decide which one is worthy of your cash...


  • It's easy to lose sight of Bayonetta's religious subtext between the chaos on-screen and the central lead shedding her clothing every five minutes, yet I think its one of the most interesting dynamics of the Platinum Games title.

The existence of Heaven and Hell is no stranger to the world of videogames, but the way in which it is handled in Bayonetta makes for both uncomfortable and intriguing viewing.

Playing an agent of evil who slays Angels as they collect the souls of the dead and ultimately tries to kill the Creator is handled with enough ambiguity that the divides between "good " and "evil" aren't so clear cut. Yet the sense of grandeur to each new Angelic appearance makes ripping golden wings and smashing Greek-style statue bodies seem (almost) a sin. Surprised the Daily Mail wasn't up in arms over this.

  • Forget the bizarre nature of the storyline and over-indulgent (arguably ironic) take on the S&M connotations.

If Bayonetta didn't have a fighting system with a heart of steel she'd have been tossed aside quicker than your local daily news rag. Yet this has the learning curve on par with the top pedigree of fighting games and even flicks the fingers at plenty with a multi-branching move set that keeps giving even after your first play through.

Learning the advantages of each dual-wielding load-out as you strap weapons to hands and stiletto heels is a joy as well, as is discovering the optimum setup for any given enemy or situation. Your perception of how to play Bayonetta can alter completely with each new combo discovery. Bayonetta: a game demands repeat play-throughs on higher difficulty settings.

  • Self-indulgence can be a dangerous game to play on a global stage. Many a developer has added an in-joke that may have made them chuckle, but sailed over the heads of the audience barring the occasional exception.

Platinum Games lets everyone in on the joke with such an explosion of references, quotes, visual jokes that range from 80s gaming classics, their own titles and movies that you're bound to get some.

Even if you don't twig to the Indiana Jones reference in the line "Tentacles? Why'd it have to tentacles?" you're bound to chuckle at the obvious Assassin's Creed visual joke.

You can still enjoy all these little diversions on their own merits, but for those who know the developer's interesting history with Capcom or anybody that has enjoyed gaming for many a year, there's extra pleasure in spotting Platinum's nods to other franchises. Also, I doubt at any other point in history you'll get a developer making a oblique reference to a particularly memorable moment in Kevin Smith's film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Darksiders: Wrath of War

  • We've seen post-apocalyptic settings in games numerous times, but Darksiders puts a more exciting spin on it by casting you as the one who caused the end of the world as we know it. War, the first horseman of the apocalypse is a real powerhouse of a character, and not even a war between heaven and hell can phase him.
  • Any fan of The Legend of Zelda or the Metroid series will love the boss battles. You always have to figure out a specific tactic to defeat them, whether that's using the right weapon or manipulating the environment to your advantage. The enemy creatures are also pretty gigantic too, creating a real sense of drama.
  • The combat might not be as fast or responsive as Bayonetta, but there are a lot more options for upgrading your weapons and combos. Each combo can be upgraded three or four times to make it inflict more damage or improve the attack range.