Capcom Gamers Day

Round-up of the event including Bionic Commando, Spider-Man 3, Street Fighter IV and some Wii nonsense.

London doesn't tend to get much love from publishers. The capital of England might have the Olympics, the tube and more pigeon poo than a single city can deal with but when it comes to publishers unveiling new wares, it's all about Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. It's never about Walthamstow. God knows why. If it's good enough for Blazing Squad, it should be good enough for videogames.

Hopefully, Capcom has started a trend with its decision to make world exclusive announcements at its Gamers Day, hosted in central London. Held inside The Courthouse Hotel, a court that has been turned into a hotel (you never would have guessed), the place was swarming with European, Japanese and American journalists before you could say "where are the mini-burgers?"


They had good reason to be excited too. First on the stage was Capcom R&D head Nobuyuki Matsushima, to talk about how Capcom's games are to do with the "power of experience" and are loved by gamers because they combine the power of imagination and creativity. Not because they let you maul a zombie's head with a lawnmower. Nope.

Bionic Commando
Then Ben Judd took to the stage. Having originally worked at Capcom as a translater, Ben has worked his way up to become the first ever foreign producer at Capcom Japan. His first game? A remake of Bionic Commando.

Judd talks about his passion for the original NES game, how he was a fan and how he had to convince Keiji Inafune that it was a good idea despite the fact the original didn't make a big splash in Japan. He shows off the swing mechanic, talks about the gunplay and says how you can zip to any surface, rip down the environment around you and so on. It looks like a cross between Spider-Man 3 and Shinobi. That's a comparison we've mentioned ourselves, not one that Judd brought up.

Devil May Cry 4
Then Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Devil May Cry 4 producer, takes to the stage. He tells us about Devil May Cry 4 but doesn't reveal anything new - it's an old trailer, it's old information, it's old screens used on the powerpoint presentation. What he does reveal is the Order Of The Knights fight the demons alongside Nero and features Gloria (who fights with an "acrobatic and sexy style") and Agnus (a "strange part" of the Order).

There's a stronger emphasis on outdoor environments for this DMC outing but finally, we get what we all want to hear - a February 2008 release date, straight from the horse's mouth. Well, the producer's mouth. Though we're sure he'd make a lovely horse.


Xbox Live Arcade
Capcom also briefly runs through its plans for Xbox Live Arcade, which can be summed up as thus. Rocketmen: Axis Of Evil looks nice but is too damn hard. Super Street Fighter II looks interesting but we prefer the original graphics. Talisman should get strategy fans excited as its sure to continue Xbox Live Arcade's rich board-games-make-great-XBLA-games form. Commandos 3 looks like the most fun of all the titles shown but is clearly treading on Assault Heroes' toes.

Bizarrely enough, Capcom also quote a Neogaf post, stating that it is poised to become the best developer on Xbox Live Arcade. How strange. As long as the poster of that quote isn't called IDoNotWorkForCapcom, then we're prepared to believe it.

Some Nintendo nonsense
Then Nintendo takes over the show as Capcom start showing off DS and Wii games. We half-heartedly pretend to care, because it's Capcom and everything Capcom do is amazing by default, but it's hard. Really hard.

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