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Alan Wake getting 'episodic' DLC

Lost-style storyline expansion promised

Xbox 360 action thriller, Alan Wake will be expanded with post-release downloadable episodes, Microsoft has confirmed.

The announcement was made at the company's CES press conference in Las Vegas this morning, where E&DD head Robbie Bach said: "story-driven like a TV series, Alan Wake will be told in episodes with even more episodes available on Xbox Live after its launch this year."

He also referred to the Remedy game as "the TV show Lost, as written by Stephen King, and filmed by David Lynch." Sounds about right to us. The game is explicitly presented in the style of a TV show, with each section prefigured by a cinematic-heavy "Previously... on Alan Wake" video, so the news that it's keeping the same structure isn't a surprise.

The only question is, how much of it do you get in the box? Would you be happy with another MW2-style eight hours and DLC to follow, or would that be a step too far?