Fallout: New Vegas lined up for OXM #57

Next Fallout adventure scheduled for OXM out in March

The new issue of OXM goes on sale tomorrow, and you probably already know it's got a world exclusive Medal of Honor preview in it. But inside you'll see that the Next Month page reveals the following issue, which goes on sale 11th February, should have the world exclusive details on Fallout: New Vegas.

So while we might be having a joke about Vault Boy's New Careers, we're expecting to have the first solid information on the next Fallout adventure in just over a month.

We don't normally plug this sort of thing, because we're still working on the issue and the content is subject to change - sharp-eyed viewers will note the small print stating that at the bottom. But as some other sites have noticed we thought we'd put a proper image up and save them the trouble of scanning it.

So remember, February 11th, issue 56. Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss out.