Ex-Starbreeze dev: "Riddick was a shitty IP"

"And The Darkness was even worse"

A former Game Director at Chronicles of Riddick developer Starbreeze Studios has described the Vin Diesel franchise as a "shitty IP" that nevertheless had potential.

"I think you can do a really good game with shitty IP," Jerk Gustafsson told Edge. "Personally, I think The Darkness was even worse. But there were elements in both of them that made it possible to create something really good."

"At Starbreeze we were really good at creating games from other intellectual properties."

We're inclined to agree, given how well both games turned out. They're the main reason we're looking forward to the Bourne game the studio is working on, as well as the secret Project Redlime - widely rumoured to be the remake of EA classic Syndicate.

That said, it's a worry that Gustafsson is one of several Starbreeze devs who have quit the studio to start their own outfit, Machinegames. He tells Edge that they plan to work on their own IP, a big-budget AAA title that the interview compares to Bioshock. Sounds good to us, although it won't be out until 2012 at the earliest.