The Bigs 2

Bigger than ever... better than ever?

Much like its predecessor, The Bigs 2 goes out to the plate looking for the high-octane action of a home run with a hard-hitting, fast-swinging arcade style.

It's all about 110mph pitches and stadium-clearing slugging which do everything to keep you on the edge of your seat, pulse racing.
It's a satisfying mix of high action and strategy which will see you deciding when to activate your turbo-boosted swings and pitches for maximum effect.

The only worthwhile addition to the game is "Become a Legend" where you take a slugger from obscurity to the Hall of Fame. This is great for a while, but after the 26th time your potential home run is caught by yet another 30ft diving catch you'll be left in controller-throwing frustration. It's then you realise The Bigs 2 is excellent against mates or for a blast online, but its arcade style means it's not best suited to longer game modes.

The verdict

Great fun but over-the-top style can wear thin

Xbox 360
Blue Castle Games
2K Games