Gearbox: Borderlands "less boring" than Fallout 3

"That game would have been better without dialogue trees"

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has said that the studio's upcoming action RPG Borderlands will be "less boring" than Fallout 3, in an interview in the latest issue of OXM.

He was talking about Borderlands' action focus, which he thinks will attract an audience who don't have the patience for Bethesda's opus.

"I understand why we do those games [like Fallout 3] but I don't know - do we want that? I think that game could have been much better if it didn't have a single dialogue tree. Honestly. And if it was more action-orientated, and if the shooting was better."

Accordingly, Borderlands is a much more action-packed take on the wandering-the-wasteland concept. Pitchford knows that's putting his money where his mouth is: "Maybe we're right. We'll see. We'll find out when we decide what people are gonna buy."

For more insight from Pitchford, including what's up with Aliens: Colonial Marines and why most Achievements are moronic, check out the latest issue of OXM. You can buy a single copy here.