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FIFA demo out now!*

* This news story finally applies to Europe because EA decided to release the demo over here too.

In a move that can only be rivalled by EA releasing FIFA 06 picture packs including ones of Mexican flags and football badges to everywhere but Mexican territories, the uber-publisher released a FIFA 08 demo everywhere bar Europe.

Initially, only Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States were deemed worthy of the demo. Obviously, with footb... soccer powerhouses like Taiwan and United States getting the demo they were after, EA had thought they keep all major FIFA territories happy. Then, you know, there was a slight grumble from Europe that they missed out. You know, only an ever so slight grumble.

Fortunately, that oversight has now been corrected, so you don't have to put up with impressions from across the Atlantic asking why is it so hard to hit the kickball into the endzone and how is 'Owen Michaels' so fast. So download the demo and see if the changes this year will be enough to tempt you away from the clutches of Pro Evo...