10 Things You Must Try In Batman: Arkham Asylum

Have fun and go mad (in that order) in the creepy Arkham Asylum...

Already a contender for game of the year, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a masterpiece.

It combines deep gameplay, a thrilling plot, some of the best characters in videogame history and more fine detail per scene than most games manage in ten hours.

We give you ten top tips for getting the most out of the madhouse.

1. Use gadgets in a brawl


Batman is handy enough with his fists to handle most encounters but if you find some of the busier brawls heavy going don't neglect his utility belt. A Triple Batarang is ideal for slowing down a crowd, the Batclaw can split up large groups and the explosive gel will stop pretty much anything in its tracks.

2. Step back in time
The asylum is fascinating in its own right and well worth getting to know. The institution's macabre history is detailed in the musings of Amadeus Arkham, which can be collected and listened to at your leisure by scanning his cunningly hidden Arkham insignias. Clue: look out for destructible walls.

3. Find Batman references


Arkham Asylum is packed with fine detail, including references to major villains such as Two-Face and Catwoman. Scour the botanical gardens for some broken toy soldiers: a direct reference to Humpty Dumpty, a villain skilled at taking things apart but not so good at putting them back together...

4. See through the disguise


Rescuing Warden Sharp from Harley Quinn's clutches takes you to Arkham's high security wing where you'll meet Batman's slipperiest foe: Clayface. He's holed up in a greasy cell disguised as Commissioner Gordon/Warden Sharp/Aaron Cash. Turn your back and you'll hear his features re-arrange themselves!

5. Go the wrong way
Early on in the sewer section of the asylum you'll see a crossroads. Chattering Joker teeth will draw you to the left but instead turn right for frightening taste of things to come. When you approach a heavily-fortified door, Killer Croc will make an appearance and threaten to tear your flesh like paper. Gulp.

6. Riddle me this


Most of The Riddler's conundrums involve identifying hidden items relating to famous Batman villains, but there are some clever puzzles to grapple with too. One involves aligning the component parts of an immense question mark. Clue: you'll have to scale the asylum's clock tower to do so.

7. Become a silent predator


The silent predator sections are one of the game's highlights and perfecting your technique is half the fun. Keep detective mode on and think laterally. Why sneak up and knock out a guard when you can use the Batclaw to pull the floor out from underneath their feet and take out two of them
at once?

8. Prick up your ears
Real bats get by thanks to their remarkable hearing, so follow suit and enjoy some of the finest dialogue ever to grace a game. It pays to bide your time before taking on guards as they often dispense some absolute gems. Listen out for the one about the guy who killed his own sister on The Joker's orders.

9. Crash The Joker's party
For the grand finale, The Joker throws a party in Batman's honour. As you make your way to his lair you'll be greeted by an unusual sight: a crowd of clown-faced goons wearing party hats and waving placards. They won't attack you, but you can attack them and earn yourself the Party Pooper Achievement.

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