Bungie: Halo 2 matchmaking was "leap of faith"

Brian Jarrard admits that internally, people weren't too sure about Halo 2 matchmaking.

Bungie's Brian Jarrard has admitted that some of the team's own developers weren't too sure that Halo 2 matchmaking was the right decision for online play.

"I remember matchmaking, when we rolled that out with Halo 2 it was such a big risk," Bungie's PR and Community Director tells OXM. "We walked away from the established norm, there were no server lists - we turned the whole thing upside down and it was a big leap of faith."

"Even internally there were a lot of people saying, 'I don't know'. But I think it's really important that that social simplicity, finding people who are similar skill very quickly, in two button presses.

"Even in the beginning, we were watching it very carefully for backlash. But then, over a couple of months people warmed up to it, and now it's funny to see it come full circle. In a lot of ways its become one of the new standards for how people expect to play online."

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