GRIN was working on Final Fantasy game

The final project before its doors closed for good was due to be a Final Fantasy title. What?

Some surprising news has emerged from the wreckage that is GRIN's closure as a developer - the studio was working on a brand new Final Fantasy title.

Superannuation looked at the resumes and CVs of former GRIN employees, plus some unreleased concept art, and connected the dots.

GRIN was working on a project named 'Fortress', which was due to be an action game based on the world of Final Fantasy XII. It won't have been the first time the Final Fantasy series has dabbled with action - Final Fantasy X-2 was notorious for being the first in the series to try stepping outside traditionally tight RPG confines - but it is surprising to see that GRIN landed itself the project.

Regardless, 'Fortress' will be a project left in limbo as GRIN's "unbearable cashflow situation" caused by a publisher "delaying their payments" saw them forced to close down. It's a shame too - it would have been interesting to see what GRIN could have conjured up with such an iconic IP under its belt.