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GC: Alan Wake devs attack 'tickbox marketing'

And specifically, he attacks Race Of War II: The Wrath Of Cthulu. Or would do if it existed.

Matias Myllyrinne, managing director of Alan Wake developers Remedy, has attacked gaming's tendency for tickbox marketing.

"It starts with the naming of the game and a lack of focus on the design," Myllrinne said. "We have generic words in the title, such as war, race, star, usually followed by of, to or from, and then war, race or star again, followed by a sequel number or an unpronounceable word. So, Race Of War II: The Wrath Of Cthulu. Apologies if you're working on that."

Myllyrinne also says that games should focus on what they do best, rather than adding multiplayer for the sake of it. "Cutting me-too features is important. One of them is the resurrection of a multiplayer that offers nothing new. In too many games to mention, they slap a rehash of Counter-Strike onto the FPS as a me-too, gravy feature. I don't understand this, because people aren't going to play it; they'll be playing Halo's multiplayer, or Gears Of War, or Call Of Duty - something that's compelling, and good, and offers something unique.

"We want to focus on the essence: doing few things, but doing those few things really, really well, and hopefully doing one or two things that nobody else is doing and innovating through that. There are a lot of developers and marketers who believe that the core tenet of marketing is to blend in, to be unnoticed."