10 Things You Must Try In Prototype

How to fool the military and destroy New York without breaking a sweat

Sometimes, being a mutant does have its perks.

Having the ability to fly around like a squirrel and jump over skyscrapers is just the beginning.

So it's a shame there are loads of military-types who want to spoil your fun. They're probably just jealous that they're not mutants. And they can't fly. Or jump over skyscrapers. But anyway! We'll show you how to best get your revenge, plus some of the coolest ways to spend time in New York City...

1. Sneak King


If you're finding the going tough, you've probably missed out on Prototype's biggest secret: it's really a stealth game. Stealth-consume a soldier and use his weapon to battle the Infected - you'll be able to complete missions without alerting a single guard. Tanks can be safely commandeered and the army will be none the wiser.

2. Cry Wolf


Stealth-consuming military targets inside bases can be tricky as there's usually somebody watching everyone's back. Buying the Patsy upgrade evens the score. If your target's heavily guarded, stroll up to his watcher and use RB and X to accuse him of being Mercer. He'll instantly be killed, leaving your target free for consumption.

3. Sabotage Equipment


Later on, the army covers its bases in Viral Detectors - but don't let that stop you. As a guard, go up to them and hit Y to trigger a sabotaging mini-game. Disable them all and the base infiltrations can continue, making consumption events and Infected-battling campaign missions a breeze to complete.

4. Call For Help


Fist weapons or armour will turn the military against you, so if you're going to pretend to be a guard, you might as well ask for backup. Target the toughest Infected, then press RB and Y to call for an artillery strike. If you run out of strikes, infiltrate a military base and consume the highlighted guards for more.

5. Use Your Throwing Arm


When you're forced to fight, muscle mass is your best tool for staying alive. Run towards large objects, press B to grab them and then lock onto an enemy. Leap or run up a wall to find a clear line of sight and charge-throw the object for massive damage. This should fully-preserve your
life bar.

6. Hitch A Ride


Once you've upgraded the Whipfist, lock on to a helicopter with LT and press B to latch on. Press A to leap to the cockpit, then hammer Y to break in. You're now virtually indestructible; it's easy to remain undetected and kill from above. If choppers start to attack, back away and let your chainguns knock them out of the sky.

7. Vision Express


Snatching Hint and Landmark collectibles will earn you massive amounts of EP, but finding them can be tricky. Switch to Thermal Vision to change your fortunes. The markers are easier to spot with both Thermal and Infected Vision active, but rely on the heat sensors and they'll stand out like an elephant in a petting zoo.

8. Granny Hurling


Even though there's no co-op, you can still have some pass-the-pad fun. Scale the Empire State Building, pedestrian in hand. When you reach the top, see how far you can fling him. Glide after him to see the splat and calculate the distance. Pass the controller around to see if your friends can do any better.

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