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Splosion Man

Summer of Arcade's latest explosive entry!

How are you with the notion of split-second decisions? If you break out in a cold sweat when approaching a fork in the road, your first run through of Splosion Man might leave you a gibbering, nervous wreck.

Indecision is fatal in a platformer that requires you to execute the right button press while your brain is still calculating what you are required to do.

The set up is Portal through the eyes of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Escape through 50 levels of acidic lakes, vertical ascents and trap-pulling scientists as the titular character, who has gained a personality that's like a Tourette's-afflicted Jim Carrey and the ability to explode himself thrice in a row, propelling him off walls and over spikes and electrocuting robots.


You'll be instantly won over by the colourful visuals and sharp, funny presentation, but the platforming itself gets really tough. It's soothed somewhat by infinite lives, decent checkpoints and the "Way of the Coward", which lets you skip to the next level - the price being a mandatory pink frilly dress. A nice addition to the game is the multiplayer mode, in which you progress through another 50 levels by attempting to ricochet off each other's strategic explosions to reach higher platforms and switches.

The cruelty of the levels can be frustrating, but you'll keep coming back. The infinite lives and near-instant reloading of checkpoints means stress always loses out to the classic "one-more-go" syndrome. It's a worthy addition to the Summer of Arcade and definitely worth a play.

The verdict

Explosive gameplay - with swearing to match

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