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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

A seasonal update that's a real pain in the putt

Don't get us wrong, we love the Tiger Woods series. That satisfying shotgun crack as you smash another drive down the fairway. The celebratory fist pump as a 16-metre putt rattles into the cup. The intuitive control system that translates the motion of a golf shot brilliantly to a plastic controller.

The problem is, the Tiger Woods games have been doing this stuff right for what seems like eons and, with Tiger 10 adding very little over the 09 edition, the series feels like it's at a standstill.

Clearly there have been some new features thrown into the mix, but anyone who played the last game until their eyeballs developed dimples will find that Tiger 10 is a frustratingly familiar experience.


Graphically the title is beginning to look extremely ropey indeed. While in real life some of the golf courses in rotation are barren, wind-blasted landscapes, in the game itself many of them have been beautifully turned out with lush vegetation - but the ageing Tiger engine utterly fails to capture their aesthetic loveliness. Granted, the visuals do the job, but since when was it okay to settle for that?

The biggest change is to the putting system. The new model is much more in keeping with the mechanic used for shots from the fairway, allowing you to take aim and then control power with a measured swipe of the stick.

We found we were sinking putts much more frequently with this new system, but if you spent hours with 09 and somehow find yourself buying this too, you can always revert to the old one. Just know that you're standing in the way of progress, alright?

We admire the inclusion of weather that's updated live from the internet - if it's pouring with rain at St Andrews, which it probably is, it's tipping it down in the game too.

It's something we'd love to see in more sports games, but it seems least relevant in a golf title. In real life, PGA Tour rounds regularly suffer delays and shortened days because the professional golfers aren't prepared to get their polo shirts wet: so if anything, the inclusion of rain makes the game less authentic rather than more so.

Other than those two changes, though, it's essentially business as usual. If you haven't tried a Tiger game for a while and have a passing interest in the sport, you'll find this a satisfying way to smash some golf balls around.

If you utterly exhausted last year's effort and are waiting for the revolution the series now sorely needs, keep on walking.

The verdict

Fun, but we've seen it all before

  • New putting system is great
  • Still a good game
  • Live weather is clever
  • Almost nothing has changed
  • Looking ugly these days
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