Megan Fox is big Mortal Kombat fan

She's "badass" at MK vs DC except when using Superman, apparently

Megan Fox says that she is badass at "anything Mortal Kombat".

"I have that down and I don't cheat", she says of the famous fighting game series. "That game just works well with my brain. The way my brain fires signals works well with how that game works. And I'm just really good."

When asked if she's memorised all the Fatalities, she replies: "Most of them. Not all of them. The Mortal Kombat that just came out (Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe), I hated playing as Superman. His combos were so weird. I don't know, I just thought it was lame."

The actress also confesses to being a big fan of Viva Piņata ("You're nursing this garden of piņatas and it's a lot of fun") and all the Lego games, with Lego Star Wars being her favourite.