Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10

Is this series being clubbed to death?

Despite finding golf as riveting a spectator sport as International Paint Drying, we've always been fans of the Tiger Woods series - particularly since it added proper swinging using the analogue stick, enabling you nail drives exactly like Tiger does, or screw them up just like he doesn't.

Recently, though, the series appears to be falling into something of a rut, with updates being barely discernible from one another. This latest version brings little in the way of graphical upgrades, barring a smattering of extra spectators.

In fact, the series is starting to look angular and ugly, something that's all the more noticeable given how beautifully turned out most golf courses are.

The list of new features is also worryingly short - there are now real-time weather effects (which in a neat touch are tied to the actual conditions at the course itself), a revamped putting system and a challenge mode that allows you to replicate seminal moments in the man Tiger's career.


Of all of them it's the putting system that's the most interesting. We've put it through its paces and it feels much more intuitive than 09's faintly clumsy system. The weather is far less exciting: the only ramification of rain appears to be that drives are shorter and the putting becomes more frustrating again.
Whether the challenge mode can rescue the game remains to be seen.

As the years wear on, we're finding it increasingly tough to get excited about Tiger's annual return to the tee.