Street Fighter IV sequel 'practically confirmed'

Plus several additions that Capcom are thinking of adding via update or to the sequel...

A sequel to Street Fighter IV has been 'practically confirmed', according to Capcom's Japanese Q&A blog.

This isn't surprising news as Capcom tends to release new versions of Street Fighter as they continually refine the engine and add new characters and touches. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, for example, followed Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and Street Fighter III: New Generation.

No real information is given on what this sequel will include, or even what it will be called, but Capcom happily drops hints over what the sequel or future Street Fighter IV updates will contain:

  • A new character who is Gouken's daughter. She is "probably is as strong as Ryu, Ken or Akuma" and "maybe can do a one handed hadouken like his father can"
  • Rolento is mentioned as a possible character
  • Special intros (Gouken vs Ryu, for example) will probably be added in the next update or next version
  • They want to add a 'diagram', a tier chart showing the results of each match-up. This was supposedly included with Street Fighter IV at some point during development to help balance the characters.

There's also mention of a possible Street Fighter IV survey to find out what players want. However, this hasn't been confirmed whether it's for Japanese players only (given the information comes from a Japanese blog) or for North American and European players too.