Bethesda's Pete Hines Speaks

Everything from Fallout MMO to horse armour to DLC covered...

Bethesda's Pete Hines has seen the developer become one of the most important players on Xbox 360.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the start of their rise to prominence on Xbox 360, as it proved one of the earliest must have titles.

This was followed up with Fallout 3, which also stands tall as one of the best games on Microsoft's console. It's not just been the games though, as Bethesda has been one of the biggest DLC contributors to Xbox Live to date.

OXM catches up with Pete Hines to talk all things Fallout, Oblivion and DLC...

You can't talk about Fallout New: Vegas, but in general terms, is this the first step in Bethesda expanding the Fallout IP and world?
First step would presume that there are other steps. We felt that this was a good opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of because these are guys that know Fallout, including a group of folks who worked on the original Fallout. We felt this was a good way to do something in the universe that was appropriate and cool but not affect anything that Todd Howard and his group wanted to work on going forward.

And is Broken Steel the last DLC for Fallout 3?
Yes, that's the third of the three things. Whether it's the absolute last one remains to be seen. Because it's been hugely successful. Operation Anchorage vastly exceeded our expectation. It was like "holy shit, we did how many?" And the Pitt was really successful, after a bit of a false start.

But Broken Steel is the one that. when we first announced all three, this is the one that everyone has been bugging us the most about, because it removes the ending and changes the level cap and lets you play more in that world. I think it's going to be hugely, hugely popular.

I'm expecting a big no here, but is there an official comment on the Interplay / Bethesda situation?
I'll give you a bit more than a 'no'. It's a whole legal thing and we let the lawyers sort out what takes place there and when they come to a resolution we'll have information to share and we'll let folks know. Something like that there's legal involved, PR is the least of our concern.

Anything on a Fallout MMO then?
It's to be seen. Our intention is that Fallout is ours, we went to great lengths to acquire it. It wasn't just something we were working on but something we owned. We want to make sure whatever it is we do is appropriate and we have a lot of love for it and respect for it.

Look, we ran a gauntlet for four and a half years doing this - there was a lot of folks weren't really sure if we were the right guys to have this. Were we going to fuck it up and destroy what was beautiful? But for the most part I think we've proven that we can be stewards for this thing and take care of it.

Bethesda is also doing Oblivion books. Will this be a continuation of the Oblivion story, or will it lead into another game or product?
It's not a continuation of Oblivion but it does fit into... so it's not like "well, Martin sacrificed himself and Tameriel was saved and next day what happened..." It takes place years or some period of time after that.


It refers to the events of Oblivion and gives people who are into Oblivion a look into what's going on in this world now. As you read through the book you get that sense that its not telling that story - it's telling another story in the world.

You get a sense of what's happened, who's in charge and what happened to everything after the events of Oblivion. But whether it has anything to do with anything we might do next is entirely up in the air. But it's intended to be accurate with and play nice with Oblivion.

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